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Episode Guide
Include pilot information, episode summaries, original airdates, and guest star listings.
Photo Galleries
A Five Mile Creek 'family album' with over 600 images from the series, pictures from Disney Channel magazines, and production pictures straight from the files of the cast and crew.
Video Gallery
View the fascinating Disney Channel interviews with the cast and producers as well as episode trailers.
The Library
Read about the Five Mile Creek production in our growing collection articles.
2002 Reunion Party
While it may not be the sequel movie/series fans have been hoping for, it is the next best thing.  View images from the Reunion Party held July 2002.
Fun Facts
Discover interesting little tidbits of information we've gleaned from many different sources.
Learn more about the the background of Five Mile Creek with articles pertaining to filming locations of the production and details about Concord Stagecoaches.
Decorate your computer with Five Mile Creek screensavers and wallpapers.
Related Links
Find sources for Five Mile Creek video tapes and discover sites related to the cast, crew and production.

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